Hello! Today I would like to show you some of the portraits I took a while ago. Don’t mind me saying, but I think I’m improving 🤔 As usual, I’ll show you before and after of the same photo, so let’s get to it! I really like the tones in this one. I always try […]

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Portrait Photography

Something about people really captivates me. Their actions, faces, movement, everything is just so interesting. So here’s a quick post of the photo I took couple days ago of my fiancée. I really like how this photo turned out. The lighting, the expression on her face, and that reflection in her eye. Those small details […]

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Perfect Smile

New adventures in world of portraits. I didn’t plan on taking this photo. We were celebrating my fiancées birthday and I happened to take a photo of her. As the look may suggest, she didn’t prepare at all for the photo 😁 Sometimes just by taking photos randomly we get great results! That’s why I […]

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I find that portrait photography is a little bit harder and trickier than landscape or macro. I will explain. First, you need to find a model who will let you capture them in a photo. Lucky for me, my fiancée is not opposed to be on camera 🙌🏻 Second, angles matter a lot (or so […]

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