Black & White Photo Editing

So my friend came to me, knowing that I do photography and photo editing, and asked me to edit his photo. This is not the most sharpest or cleanest photo (his friend took it), but sometimes you have to work with what you got. Especially when someone asks you to help them out.

This is a good way for beginner photographers to make a name for themselves, by taking requests and doing them for free to make your talent visible for others. Later on, when you have a respectable portfolio, you can start charging people for your work. Best thing for your marketing is, and will always be, people telling other people about you and your work. People trust information more when it comes from someone close to them, rather than some random advertisement.

My friend gave me free hands concerning the edit. He said that he would like it to be B&W (Black and White), but that was just a wish and it wasn’t a necessity.

So let’s get to the matter at hand. This is the original photo ↓


As you can see, pretty pale photo overall. Even though my friend seems to be playing pool, the colours don’t make this photo interesting. We are going to fix that in the next photo.


Immediately it became much more saturated and interesting photo! I took down exposure and hightlights a bit, because it was too bright in my opinion. Popped the colours a bit more and we already got a decent photo, compared to the previous one. My friend got a little darker too but I’m going to fix that later.


Okay, so here’s our transition to B&W. Whenever it is possible, you should respect your clients wishes, or at least try to. In this case I made multiple different versions of the same photo (I will only show you the one that ended up being chosen by my friend), so my friend can choose which one he likes the most. In this photo I only added B&W filter on top of my previous edit, just to make it easier to edit it further. I also added a little vignette around the table as you can see it got a little darker, so the focus would be on the balls and the player.


The mood changed dramatically. It looks much more classy now, doesn’t it? Here I just used a brush tool on Snapseed to get all of the background darker, and in the final version, completely black. Making multiple layers and brushing the same spots over and over again, till I was satisfied with the results.


So here’s the final version. What do you guys think? I did some little tweaks after making that background black. I added more light to the face, hand and the balls. My friend was super happy with the results and what I did to his photo. It always brings joy to me when I can do something for someone and they really appreciate it. This definitely goes into one of my best edits ever, I’m pleased 😊 My friends instagram is Lyhtning if you want to check him out ✌🏻

Editing apps I used are Lightroom and Snapseed.

Are you processing your photos after you take them? What would you have done differently in this case? Feel free to tell me in the comment section! 🙌🏻

Also, if you need help with editing or you have any kind of question related to photography or photo editing, please go to menu and contact. From there you can send me your questions and inquiries!

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5 thoughts on “Black & White Photo Editing

  1. It’s amazing to look at #1 and #5 to see the dramatic jump. 1 is pretty normal, kind of boring but 5 looks like something you would see on a wall. Excellent editing!

    Liked by 1 person

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