Perfect Smile

New adventures in world of portraits. I didn’t plan on taking this photo. We were celebrating my fiancées birthday and I happened to take a photo of her. As the look may suggest, she didn’t prepare at all for the photo 😁 Sometimes just by taking photos randomly we get great results!

That’s why I like street photography. You can capture people in their most relaxed(?) state and get the most genuine looks from them, that is until they notice you’re taking a photo of them 😅

I’m going to show you before and after of the same photo, so here’s the first one ↓


Perfect genuine smile. I like this photo a lot. Capturing moments like these is what I love about photography.


As you can see, I cropped the photo to get rid of all the useless background info we had (other people, cars, buildings etc.), after that I used Snapseed to brighten up the face, hair and bring the eyes out a little. I also blurred the background to get the focus on the subject.


After editing the photo to my liking with Lightroom, I used another app to add this fog/smoke. The app is called LensDistortions, I highly recommend using every app I have mentioned in this post. They are very useful!


After going back and forth between Snapseed, Lightroom and LensDistortions apps, this is what I came up with. I added some LED-lensflare and little tiny stars (you can see them on the shirt). I needed to get more creative because of the ugly background in the original photo, but I’m still very pleased with the end result! 😊

Tell me what you think of this one by leaving a comment below! 🙌🏻

Thank you for reading and if you feel like giving me any kind of feedback, please do! Also, turn on the site notifications so you won’t miss any of the new posts! 🙏🏻

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