How To Make Make Money With Photography

How to make money with photography? This question gets asked a lot, and honestly, there’s more than one way. Maybe you started taking photos as a hobby, but then realized that you’re quite good at what you’re doing, or you got better with experience. Either way, you start to think of possibility of you making some side income by doing the thing that you love doing. So, here I am giving you some ideas.

1. Stock Photos

There are multiple websites where you can submit your photos to sell as stock photos. They don’t pay you full price of the sold photo, but a percentage, usually between 15% to 50%. Some places only accept high quality photos, and some even mobile photos. Here is a list of some stock photo websites where you can sell your photos.

1. Alamy 2. Shutterstock

3. Stocksy 4. Crestock

5. 500px 6. Snapped4u


2. Client Based Orders

You can start offering people your photography services, for money of course. Make a simple website, a portfolio of your photos and volΓ‘, you’re ready to get your first orders from your clients. Choose an area where you’re most comfortable. For example, if you like taking portrait photos, you can offer people to take head shots for their business cards or their online profiles. Wedding photography is also a demanded area.

3. Sell Your Prints

You can start selling your prints online. For that you need to get (or rent) a printer that can print your photos. Again, it helps a lot if you have a website that’s dedicated to your prints. Helps people a lot to contact you and take a look at your work.

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4. Teaching Photography

You may not know this, but people (and not so small amount) are actually taking photography classes to learn those skills. Not everyone is as talented as you πŸ˜‰ but with your knowledge, you can create your own classes and charge each individual person per class. That way you can make a decent amount of money from one class.

5. Photography Blog

This is probably the most obvious one, but at the same time the most diverse. With a blog you can promote anything you want. Sure, you need to put a little bit more effort into it, because who would read your blog if it’s just you promoting your services/website. Making a blog, writing posts that you think would interest people and occasionally reminding your readers of your services, prints, etc.

And that’s all for today. I hope you find this post helpful. Thank you for reading and sharing πŸ™ŒπŸ» Have a great weekend everyone!

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