Top 5 Photo Picks This Week

New week, new picks. Since nobody was against me reviewing other people’s photos and was recieved positively, I shall continue this series. I bring you new ones today πŸ™ŒπŸ» So sit back and enjoy!


Did you know that you can use toys (or legos) to make some amazing photos and art? Irwan Last sure did! You should really go check his Instagram. He has some of the best Lego based photos out there (in my opinion). Every photo tells a little story about the characters in it. Here Batman, Robin and Alfred are just on a picnic, when in reality you know that they don’t really have time for this kind of thing. In this photo, it’s really nice to see the other side of said characters, even though they are fictional. Still, great photo nonetheless!


Landscape photography is one of the best kind of photography (again, just my opinion), because it’s usually about nature and you can’t but just wonder how beautiful some sceneries are. The contrast in this photo between the orange/brownish roadside and the gray/blueish mountain is looking great! The small car on the road adds that little something to it. Credit goes to Luke Stackpoole.


This photo just emulates magic, doesn’t it? In complete darkness, that one oasis in the middle, waiting for you to come and sit the night out under the trees light. This is just right out of a fantasy book. Great work done by Tatsuro Takahashi.


Nature is so awesome! Just look at this majestic whale submerging underwater. To capture animals in their natural enviroment requires serious skill and patience. Can’t but admire photographers who sometimes risk their lives to come close to something dangerous, just to share those photos with us. Check out the original creator, Jai Kumar.


Beacon in the night. Is he waiting for you, or is he searching for his own path? Amazing composition by Cian Wong. The added long exposure with the stars and the waves crashing makes this photo even better. Fantastic job!

This concludes this week’s top 5 photo picks. Hopefully you enjoyed and found them all amazing and the artists behind them. Go and show them some support for their work by visiting their instagram page.

If you want me to review your photo(s), feel free to contact me and I’ll try to include them in my next posts! πŸ™ŒπŸ» So far I have made these every wednesday, I think I will stick to that. So stay tuned!

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Thank you for tuning in!

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(Each original creator’s instagram link is behind their name)

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