Night Lights

~Done is better than perfect~

That quote is what I remember when I’m not in the mood or otherwise busy. We all have days when we don’t feel like doing anything, even those things that we love doing. I have had those days recently. My mind has been preoccupied with somethings else than photography. That is when I remember that quote. It’s a simple quote, but yet so powerful. Not everything you do needs to be perfect, sometimes you just need to get things done. Perfection comes with experience and doing things, but how can you strive for perfection when you’re not doing anything.

I thought to start this post by a little motivational speech, because sometimes we just need that (I know I do).

Last week I was walking home from work, (had my evening shift that week) and I got up on this little bridge near where I live. It was 11 pm, no one was around and it was perfect. Not too cold either, nice weather to set up my tripod in peace. I used my new Black Eye G4 wide-angle lense for this shot ↓

And here’s the edited version ↓

My setup for this photo: Tripod, Black Eye wide-angle lens, ISO at 100, shutter speed at 6 sec.

As you can see, I once again took a long exposure photo. This time it turned out a little better than that last one (referring to my “Slow Photo” post). It took me 15 min. to take this photo.

I used wide-angle lens for a reason. Frame within a frame (one of photography methods) adds context to otherwise maybe boring photo. When you take a photo, it is automatically framed in the size you take it in. Adding exterior frame makes it more interesting, and in this case it brings more colour. Another way to utilize this method is taking photo of someone standing in door frame. Give it a shot! 👌🏻

What is your favourite and most used method when you’re taking photos? Feel free to leave a comment! 🙌🏻

Thank you again for visiting and reading my post! If possible, share and give me feedback on my content! 😊

Thank you for tuning in!

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