So, you are shooting just with your smartphone, without any accessory equipment, like lenses or tripods. Well, if you want to up your photography game, I advice you to get either one, or both! 😎

Tripods bring great stability in to your photography game. Whether you are taking landscape or portrait photos, tripods make it really easy to take a stable photo.

My mini-tripod broke around christmas time so I haven’t been shooting with it. Although I ordered new one yesterday, waiting for it to come! 🙌🏻

Meanwhile I use my lenses to capture some amazing photos. Black Eye (not a sponsor) is the brand I use, and they have some amazing lenses on the market! I put a link down below ✌🏻

They have a variety of different lenses, macro, wide angle, zoom, fisheye. Also, the thing I like about Black Eye lenses is that they have lenses that fit different phones. If you have an older phone, you can get lenses that suit that model, which are usually a little cheaper. Then you have your high end lenses from Black Eye, that suit more recent phones. I think upgrading to their recent G4-lenses, they leave less of a blur and black corners in photos.

Another awesome thing that Black Eye lenses bring with them is compatibility to double camera smartphones, which have come more and more popular with smartphone manufacturers. They have a list on their site that shows what phones are compatible with their lenses.

I use Black Eye lenses on a daily basis, almost every photo I have taken were shot with them. I suggest you give them a try! 👌🏻

I think I’ll review each lense I use and what kind of photos you can make with them later, but for now, I thank you once again for visiting and reading my blog! 😊

I appreciate you guys reading. If possible, share and give me feedback on my content!

Thank you for tuning in!

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