Creativity and inspiration sometimes comes from new experiences.

By exploring new areas, places, or doing something completely new, you can get inspired by things that you would have never found otherwise.

Taking inspiration from others is pretty good way to go about creating your own art too. That’s why you should check out my Instagram 😉 Link is at the bottom!

My photography process is usually pretty simple. Wandering around and looking for something interesting. Sounds simple? Well it’s not… Sometimes I wander for hours, and still can’t find anything interesting to shoot.

I think we all have been guilty of circling same areas or places trying to find new things that we might have missed (I do that way too often 😅). Even when you have been there a hundred times, you still hope to find something new, and there’s nothing wrong with that! That’s how I usually start my process, by exploring places where I have already been.

Since I take photos with my smartphone, I don’t carry anything large or heavy with me. The only things that are in my backpack are some lenses and a tripod. So it’s pretty lightweight.

If I don’t find anything that I haven’t already taken photo of, I go wandering in new areas near me. I have a full time job so I don’t have the luxury to take spontaneous trips across the country, even though that would be awesome!

I live in the city, so that’s my primary place where I take my photos.

Once I have found a subject or a place that’s to my liking, I change my camera to Pro-mode and adjust the settings myself. If it’s dim or dark, I use a tripod. When trying to take a picture in the dark, it’s better that your camera is stationary, otherwise the photos (can) become blurry.

How you adjust your focus depends on what kind of photo you want to take. If you’re taking a photo of some lights and make your camera out of focus, you can achieve some amazing bokeh effect 👌🏻 Try to experiment when taking photos. I usually take multiple photos of the same subject/place but with different settings and afterwards pick the ones I want to edit.

Changing angles helps you find and discover new ideas for your photos. For example, if you take a photo from the ground, like here ↓

it can make a photo much more interesting. In this case, it looks “heroic” and exciting, because of that low angle, don’t you agree? I titled this photo – “Waiting For The Unknown”.

Before I took this photo, I was thinking to myself, “We always look at things from our normal height. What if I put this tripod on the ground and try something new”. It sounds pretty basic thing to do, but sometimes we forget that these different angles exist.

If you think about the things I’ve told you, I think you’ll come to the same conclusion as I, world of photography is vast!

Nick Burd – “The world is vast and meant for wandering. There is always somewhere else to go.”

For a photographers mindset, I can’t find more perfect quote than that.

I think I covered some of the process on how I take my photos. If you want to know more, please leave a question! 🙏🏻

As always, I appreciate you guys reading. If possible, like, share and give me feedback on my content! 😊

Thank you for tuning in!

Get creative, follow, like and share!

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