Starting Point


Another week, another post ✌🏻

I want to talk about essential things you’ll need for photography, camera.

Okay thank you for reading, see you next time! 😎




No but seriously, ANY kind of camera is enough for you to start your photography hobby or career.

And yes, I’m talking about smartphone cameras too.

Smartphones that have come out recently have ridiculously good cameras on them. And with bunch of accessories you can take smartphone photography to the next level! 👌🏻

You can equip a variety of lenses on to your smartphone to increase your options when it comes to taking photos.

You can have a tripod for your phone and a Bluetooth remote for taking photo of yourself for example.

Also, you should start practicing using Pro-mode on your smartphone. Basic-mode is fine, sure, but with Pro-mode you can tweak the settings more suitable for the photo you’re trying to take.

In Pro-mode you can adjust your ISO (sensitivity of the image sensor), exposure, focus etc.

Practice makes perfect, lets not forget about that.

And let me come clean… I use a smartphone to take all my photos, and I don’t think they look all that bad! 🙌🏻

Surprised? Well you should be! World of photography is endless and you can, even with the simplest tools, make the most of it!

The smartphone I use is OnePlus 5T, but I’m thinking either upgrading to OnePlus 6T, or wait till OnePlus 7/7T comes out. But again, you can use any kind of camera.

Let me know if you have any suggestions about phones that I could switch to ✌🏻

As always, I appreciate you guys reading. If possible, like, share and give me feedback on my content! 😊

Thank you for tuning in!

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