Taking Pictures All The Time

Hi guys!

Okay, I wanted to talk about taking pictures.

Sometimes we already have a vision in our head about the stuff we want to shoot with our cameras, then we make them and we are happy what we have accomplished.

But I want to talk about taking photos when we DON’T have a clear vision of the subject we want to take photos of.

Almost all my photos are taken in the moment, without any kind of a vision. I just see a thing that catches my eye and I record it by taking a picture.

For example, look at the photo below ↓

It was morning and I took a look at this wooden wall with this light on it, and thought that it looked like a little spotlight, which looks very cool (at least to me) because the light comes down from above and you don’t see anything else. You could say it’s a little mysterious…

My point is that you can pick things like these up from daily life and make them look really good after a little editing, if needed.

Don’t be afraid of taking pictures. Take a picture, even if the subject is only just remotely interesting to you. You might come back to that photo later, think it’s really good and be glad that you took it.

Feel free to tell me what is that you want to hear me talk about or make a project of!

Thank you for tuning in!

Get creative, follow, like and share!


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