Our Furry Friends

Another quick topic on what to take a photo of. If you own pets of any kind, your answer is right there. If you don’t own any pets, you can always ask your friend, family or a stranger if you can take a photo of their pet. Here’s our dog, Pepsi (I bet you can […]

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Slow Photo

At long last, I dove in to the long exposure photography world. It took me a while, but I did it! Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, you know those really cool looking photos of light trails, those are achieved by taking a “slower photo” (if that makes sense). Meaning, that you […]

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I don’t always have someone to take a photo of me. So, usually I take all the photos myself. I don’t mind it at all, infact, I like to take self-portraits (also known as selfie), because I know all the good angles from where I can present myself in the best way. Ending up taking […]

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New Post!

Hi! Quick update. Had a bit of trouble with my newest post earlier today… But it’s up right now! If you haven’t checked it yet, I suggest you go take a look! 😊 It’s prior to this one ✌🏻 Have a good day!

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I find that portrait photography is a little bit harder and trickier than landscape or macro. I will explain. First, you need to find a model who will let you capture them in a photo. Lucky for me, my fiancΓ©e is not opposed to be on camera πŸ™ŒπŸ» Second, angles matter a lot (or so […]

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So, you are shooting just with your smartphone, without any accessory equipment, like lenses or tripods. Well, if you want to up your photography game, I advice you to get either one, or both! 😎 Tripods bring great stability in to your photography game. Whether you are taking landscape or portrait photos, tripods make it […]

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Everyday things that you see or interact with might not interest you, or you find them mundane, but to other people around the world they might seem interesting. Metro, trams, busses, trains, parks, they all vary between different countries. The best aspect of photography is that you don’t need to visit places for you to […]

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