So, you are shooting just with your smartphone, without any accessory equipment, like lenses or tripods. Well, if you want to up your photography game, I advice you to get either one, or both! 😎 Tripods bring great stability in to your photography game. Whether you are taking landscape or portrait photos, tripods make it […]

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Everyday things that you see or interact with might not interest you, or you find them mundane, but to other people around the world they might seem interesting. Metro, trams, busses, trains, parks, they all vary between different countries. The best aspect of photography is that you don’t need to visit places for you to […]

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Simple But Beautiful

Can’t find anything to shoot? Perhaps you had a long day at work and you’re too tired to go outside? Or maybe you’re just plain lazy today and don’t want to put too much effort into your photography. Well, I got a solution to your problems. Take a photo of yourself, or a part of […]

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Creativity and inspiration sometimes comes from new experiences. By exploring new areas, places, or doing something completely new, you can get inspired by things that you would have never found otherwise. Taking inspiration from others is pretty good way to go about creating your own art too. That’s why you should check out my Instagram […]

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Starting Point

Hello! Another week, another post ✌🏻 I want to talk about essential things you’ll need for photography, camera. Okay thank you for reading, see you next time! 😎 . . . No but seriously, ANY kind of camera is enough for you to start your photography hobby or career. And yes, I’m talking about smartphone […]

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Hello again! ✌🏻 Photo editing, should you do it or not? 🤔 Well, it all depends on the content you want to provide. In my opinion, the best kind of a natural photo is when you don’t need to do anything to it, editing-wise. If your looking for a more natural look, I suggest you […]

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Overflowing Ideas

Hello! Sometimes we have bad days, concerning our passion or motivation for something that we like to do. We can’t find any ideas to create, our head is just empty. Then you start to try really hard coming up with something and maybe get frustrated. You start to lose motivation or just give up on […]

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